How Often Should You Detail Your Car in Ann Arbor?

The answer to the question “How Often Should You Detail Your Car?” largely depends on the type of car you own. A daily driver will require more detailed work than a work truck. But the proper detail routine for a work truck can make it look brand-new! Below are some tips to keep in mind before booking your car for professional detailing. 

First, remove large, loose trash and personal items from your car. This will make it easier for the detailer to complete their job. Also, take note of any exterior or interior issues on the vehicle.

The frequency of detailing a vehicle depends on the use and wear it receives. Experts recommend getting your car detailed between two and three times yearly, or once every four to six months. It’s important to note that auto detailing is expensive and can take four to five hours. 

However, if you regularly wash and detail your car, you should consider it every six to 12 months. If you use your car daily, describing it once or twice a month will keep it in showroom condition for the rest of the year.

Wash your car as often as possible. A professional detail will take care of every inch of the car. Even if you don’t have time for professional car detailing, you can keep it looking its best by using simple cleaning techniques at home. 

A good example is using a small vacuum cleaner to reach food crumbs and other debris hiding in crevices. You can also keep a plastic trash bag in your car to throw trash as you exit.

The basic rule of thumb is to wash your car once every two weeks or every three months if you drive a lot. However, your car’s usage and driving habits will determine how often you should wash it. 

Some experts advise washing your car weekly for regular maintenance, while others recommend every two weeks. If your vehicle is stored in a garage or isn’t regularly driven, you should wash it once a week.

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